Prom dress inspo

An ideal theme representing navy blue long dress. (Photo courtesy of creative commons)

The prom theme is “Light Up the Night.” In my interpretation, you would wear dark, night-like colors plus silvers and gold. There will always be those who don’t follow the prom theme. But if you don’t know what kind of prom dress to get, here are some recommendations. 

1. Sparkles never go wrong

Glitter is in style and trending this Prom season, as dresses have glitter gems and sparkle tulle. Glitter also aligns with this year’s prom theme, so if you have glitter in mind for your dress, it’s a good investment. 

2. Color-wise

Green, blue, black, and red are the most common colors for prom dresses. As much as they are always in style, to match this year’s theme navy would be an optimal choice. As well, it looks good against all skin colors. Orange should be avoided, and although pink is cute, it doesn’t fit the theme well and often tends to be a complicated dress to pull off. 

3. Lengths 

The recommended length for Prom is long floor or ankle length dresses and then short dresses for Homecoming. I agree with this statement although there isn’t opposition to dresses that are short in the front and long in the back. But short dresses should stay away from prom. 

4. Fittings

There is no agenda for how your prom dress should fit –wide or tight –but be aware that you will probably be dancing so comfortability might be better than a cocktail dress. You should stick to styles like princess, empire waist, or maxi dresses with poofy or draping styles. Having these styles will make it easier to dance, talk, and move around.

5. Shoes

Everyone always wears heels at prom, but what about trying boots? They are stylish, more comfortable, and secure. Just overall better to dance and walk in, plus your toes aren’t getting stepped on, and less likeness to trip.


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