Public Service Announcement: Chickens in the Parking Lot

The chickens feeding, and an up-close photo of them walking around.

All students know that there are chickens in the parking lot but recently they’ve become bolder. The five chickens have often approached students becoming more familiar with being fed and touched. Although skittish they will eat out of your hand if you’re careful. 

London Crotty, junior, and I fed the chickens raisins, which are safe for them in moderation and they enjoyed them. 

Be aware that if you feed the chickens, they may chase or follow you when you leave. As well as be aware of what is safe for them to eat.

They have names(left to right): Sploot, Sally Jade, Jeff, and Rodney.

Crotty is seen feeding the chickens by hand. 





Public service announcement to raise awareness of the chickens in the parking lot. They have become more familiar with students and the chickens often hang out underneath cars in the junior lot. 

Several times I’ve had to chase them from underneath my car. Be aware of chickens in the junior parking lot check under your car before you leave so you don’t run them over.

As seen below the chickens roam in the junior parking lot. The white car in the distance is mine, and they often are in my spot, under my car, or roaming in the middle of the road.


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