Leesville’s Festival Concert — LRHS bands and orchestra take the stage

The symphonic band performed at the festival concert, where they were conducted by Mrs. Alyssa Colburn. The group performed in their standard uniforms to bring the performance to a close. (photo courtesy Daniela Plata)

On the night of Friday, March 1, 2024, over 200 students and 2 conductors took to the stage and performed in the Festival concert. These students helped make up 4 bands that performed 12 songs. The concert lasted 2 hours with a lot going on, and so many people that chairs had to be brought into the auditorium in addition to the already existing seating. For all those who could not attend, here’s a breakdown of the concert.

Intermediate Band

The intermediate band started the concert by performing honor and tribute by Kevin Kaisershot. They were led through this song by their conductor Mrs. Alyssa Colburn. They performed three songs with many different challenges in each song from soft staccatos to fast and loud rhythms. But, it all came together to provide a beautiful beginning.


The orchestra is a very skilled group of students playing string instruments. They were led through a beginning by their concertmaster Owen Beal, who announced they would be performing again on Monday, March 18 in their EPA performance. Their first song was led by their second conductor Mr. Josh Cvijanovic. They played two songs with beautiful melodies.

Concert Band

Once on stage, the concert band concert master gave a speech: “Gooood evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Moses and I would like to welcome you to the concert band portion of this concert, I would just like to say congratulations to all of you, you are halfway through this concert.” said Moses Nyang’ute, senior. 

“Concert band will be performing March 14th at Cedar Ridge High School at 3;35. We hope to see you there. Our three pieces tonight are “Allied Honor,” “Prelude Siciliano and Rondo,” which is a three-movement piece so please hold your applause until the third one is done, and “Mount Everest.” Now the moment you all have been waiting for, please welcome to the stage my boss, my scary boss, my biggest supporter, my biggest hater, Mrs. Alyssa Colburn!”

Symphonic Band

The symphonic band started their performance by marching in from the back of the auditorium, showing off the same marching skills they use during halftime at home football games. They played three songs — one of them the “The Star-Spangled Banner.” They brought so much life to the stage, finishing the festival concert with a big bang.


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