Astronomy Club

This is a picture from the final meeting of last year's astronomy club. Members wished goodbye to the former president and founder, Kyle Burgess, as he will head to Duke to pursue Aerospace Engineering. (Photo courtesy of Liam Bryant)

Leesville Road High School’s Astronomy club hosted their first interest meeting on February 29, 2024, beginning at 2:30 pm in room 239 with Dr. Frame. At this meeting, students could find snacks and detailed presentations of how to get involved in local, community astronomy clubs such as the Raleigh Astronomy Club.

Included with every meeting is a talk on a deep space or solar phenomenon, such as Leap Days, Eclipses, and images taken by me or other members of the club.” said Liam Bryant, president of the Astronomy Club.

“The purpose of the astronomy club is to unite people with a common interest for learning about space.” said Sean Colbert-Lewis Jr., member of the astronomy club. 

The astronomy club will delve into studies of aerospace and celestial bodies/objects that surround us every day. “I’m excited to learn about the history of space exploration and how some stars came to be.” said Brooke Chialton, junior.

Unique opportunities are available at the astronomy club, including lessons from guest speakers about their experiences in the astronomy field. One speaker was Matt Lochonsky from the Raleigh Astronomy Club, who explained the science of spectroscopy and its relation to the lifespan of stars both inside and outside of our solar system.

Everybody is welcome into the astronomy club, previous knowledge or experience is not required to get involved, so join the astronomy club today!


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