Purr Cup Cafe

    Purr Cup Cafe is located at 210 Prospect Avenue Raleigh NC 27603, and open for varied hours depending on the day. Feel free to swing even if you’re not interested in adopting. (Photo used with permission of Purr Cup Cafe)

    Purr Cup Cafe is a unique adoption center where local rescue cats can find their forever homes. The cafe offers specialty drinks and snacks to savor while customers play with cats.

    “I love Purr Cup Cafe because it’s an inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly cafe that supports animals in need and small businesses,” said Harvey Olsen, junior.

    Every week, the cafe introduces new rescue kittens to replace the previously adopted cats. For the cats who don’t get adopted during the week, they stay until they are adopted.

    Those who adopt cats receive a Polaroid picture of them with their new furry friend and have a post on the Purr Cup Cafe Instagram page.

    A polaroid picture of the Olsen family with their new furry friend, Ollie. (Photo use with permission of Harvey Olsen)

    The cafe is open on Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The hours for each day vary: Sunday (9 AM to 6 PM), Wednesday (9 AM to 7 PM), Thursday (9 AM to 7 PM), Friday (9 AM to 8 PM), and Saturday (9 AM to 8 PM).

    The admission fee is $10 for a one-hour session. However, on Mondays, the fee is $5 per session. If interested in making a reservation, click this link.

    Only six people can visit the cats per session in order to maintain a calm and quiet environment.

    Purr Cup Cafe’s menu has several drink options to choose from. Some categories include coffee, tea, others, extras, and beer/wine.

    “I love that all of their items are plant-based and vegan. Sometimes they have seasonal items as well,” said Olsen.

    Do note that food is not allowed in the room with the cats, but drinks are allowed.

    Purr Cup Cafe is a simple and fun activity to do in your free time!


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