Club spotlight: Cancer Awareness Club

Leesville students advocate for those affected by cancer. Cancer Awareness Club hosts its meetings in Ms. Williams’s class, room 245. (Photo courtesy of Cancer Awareness Club)

The Cancer Awareness Club, founded in October of 2023, works to raise awareness and advocate for Cancer patients. 

Founded by junior, Nadia Ferjani, the club meets monthly. In collaboration with the club’s officers, Ferjani works to create a welcoming and safe community for club members.

“Although I haven’t been in [Cancer Awareness Club] for long, it has always been a safe place I can go to and have fun, while also helping those in need and learning… I’m happy we have created a safe space for people to learn and create a positive change” said club secretary, Ashley Kibicho, junior. 

Students from grades 9-12 come together to work on service projects and activities to advocate for cancer. Most recently, the club has worked to write over 35 cards with Amy’s Rays of Sunshine, a nonprofit organization for cancer patients. 

“The club is a good opportunity to get service hours while also making a difference and helping people while also getting to work together with my friends,” said Taylor Gorrell, junior.  

Cancer Awareness Club works to tackle the difficult topic of cancer in a way that is accessible and easily understood to students through engaging projects and initiatives. 

For more information, see @cancerawarenessclublrhs on Instagram or contact club president Nadia Ferjani at


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