Second Semester Transition

Students can see their classes for both semesters under the “Schedule” tab in PowerSchool. At the beginning of a new semester, PowerSchool might take a while to update which can be frustrating to students looking for new grades. (Photo Courtesy of Valentina Fernandez)

To end each year having taken at least eight classes, LRHS students take four classes per semester.

This allows students to make sure they earn all of their necessary credits to graduate by the end of their senior year. 

While the schedule might make sense, the transition between semesters can often be as abrasive as starting a new school year.

The start of the new semester means the start of four new classes; this means four new teachers, four new class rooms to remember, new classmates, and possibly a new lunch schedule. Despite sounding overwhelming, most students get used to it after freshman year. 

Becca Moore, sophomore, said, “It’s different to what you’re used to after middle school, but it gets better after a while.”

Like any change, the semester transition becomes easier to manage with each year. Despite this, one can’t help but wonder if LRHS’s block schedule is more beneficial than an AB schedule.

Nyah Von Haam, junior, said, “I really like having only four classes because it’s less homework and less to balance, but at the same time I can’t do year-long fun classes like chorus or year book because it would take up too much of my schedule.”

The AB schedule organizes students’ classes based on the days of the week; students take four of their classes on one day and take the other four classes the next day. As a result, students take all eight of their classes throughout the school year instead of having them broken up between semesters.

While missing out on year-long classes due to the credits they take up is a downside to the block schedule, many students look on the bright side and appreciate a change of pace in the year.

Moore said, “I think [the block schedule] is really beneficial because we don’t get burnt out the way we would from a year long class.”

Regardless of students’ opinions on the schedule itself, all LRHS students experience and overcome the semester change every year. 

However, the ‘24 seniors are in their final semester of highschool and are in the final stretch.

Sydney Flowers, senior, said, “This transition was really easy, I only have one class…It’s really been the easiest transition yet.”

Despite a weird transition period and a nerve-wracking start to new classes, LRHS students have learned to appreciate and overcome the transition between semesters.


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