How did LRHS students spend Valentine’s Day? 

Salma Mekki (junior) shows her Valentine’s Day spirit at LRHS by dressing up and sharing her love with others. She has received a candy heart from a good friend and loves exchanging gifts. (Photo Courtesy of Elsa Hermann)

Valentine’s Day was this past Wednesday, February 14, and Leesville celebrated the day in and outside of school.

Not only was there a variety of activities at school, such as Singing Valentines, but LRHS students also spent their free time with special plans. 

According to, Valentine’s Day is a day about celebrating the feeling of being in love. This day is seen as the most preferred occasion to express your love and affection for your loved ones.

That love can be shared with different people and in different ways. Whether it is with friends, family, or most commonly with significant others, people take Valentine’s Day to celebrate love. 

There are many ways to express love and to spend the day. LRHS students had multiple plans whether they were in a relationship or not. 

Addison Griffin, sophomore, spent her Valentine’s Day with her family this year. “I’m probably just gonna hangout with my family and have a nice dinner,” said Griffin.

“I think Valentine’s Day is very good for spending time with your loved ones and sharing gifts and love,” said Griffin. 

Kirby Flanagan, junior, spent Valentine’s Day with friends and her significant other. “I’m going out for dinner to a surprise restaurant with my friends and we are just going to exchange gifts and hang out,” said Flanagan.

She began her relationship with her significant other this year and can now see how differently she spends the day compared to when she was still single. 

“Valentine’s Day is kind of fun. When I was single it was definitely a stupid holiday but it’s still a great excuse to give your friends or partner gifts and just hang out with each other,” said Flanagan.

Whether in a relationship or not, many LRHS students successfully spent their Valentine’s Day enjoying and celebrating love. 


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