Pinecrest Point: is there a Leesville student ban?

Pinecrest Point shopping center is a great place for students to go for lunch. With Food Lion shutting down students options have gone down. (Photo courtesy of Banks Blizzard)

Pinecrest Point shopping center is a popular spot for students at Leesville Road High School for lunch.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a growing concern with students in the Pinecrest Point shopping center during the normal school hours (7AM – 2PM). While Pincrest Point is a hotspot for students at Leesville Road High School, it might not be anymore. 

“A lot of kids rely on Food Lion for a quick trip to go get food for lunch, often getting groceries or snacks… my friends have gone to Food Lion, and the fact they can’t go anymore means they have to drive further and that just builds up on gas and safety because of the time they have to spend driving,” said Keanu Tran, junior. 

Many parents have expressed their concerns with the ban and their kids getting wrapped up in the debacle.

Students have also expressed their frustrations with the shopping centers and the fact they no longer have as many options for lunch. 

“I went into Food Lion last Tuesday during lunch to get a drink. An employee approached me and told me I couldn’t be there anymore between the hours of 7AM – 2PM. They told me that a student had made a fire in the backwoods of Pinecrest Point shopping center. They told me that the property owner said that kids from Leesville Road High School were not allowed in the food lion until after 2PM,” said Ellis Nani, Junior. 

The speculation of the Food Lion being closed to high school students is true. Many rumors have been spread that the whole center is closed, however it is not the whole shopping center. 

“It is not the whole shopping center. The property manager for Food Lion told us to kick out any high school students between the hours of 7 AM – 2 PM and to call the police. There were some kids messing around in the woods with something to do with fire a few weeks ago. Basically, he got really mad about that and said enough is enough. There was also a shooting in the parking lot a couple of months ago and students have been shoplifting,” said Dwayne Walker, Food Lion General Manager. 

Students will still be allowed to go to places like Handee’s kitchen, Mega Pizza, and Subway. 

The Pinecrest Point shopping center is a great and popular place for high school students to eat lunch. Although there are other options for lunch in the shopping center, Food Lion will no longer be an option. 


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