Why Elf is the Best Christmas Movie

Buddy the elf is preparing to dominate in the iconic snowball fight scene. (Photo courtesy of Warner Home Video via MGN)

There is no other Christmas movie that captures the holiday season like Elf.

To give some backstory, Buddy the elf was born in New York, but somehow ended up in the North Pole after being abandoned working for Santa and the rest of the elves.

One of the first things that comes to my mind when I think of Elf is Buddy’s snowball cannon arm. I love that he puts the bullies in their place in such a comedic fashion.

Elf (2003) – The Snowball Fight Scene | Movieclips

Another thing that cracks me up is when he beats up “Santa” in the store. It makes me laugh whenever the movie cuts to the manager looking miserable with kids on his lap. 

Elf (2003) – You Sit on a Throne of Lies Scene | Movieclips

Moreover, how he eventually comes together with his real dad is such a heartwarming story. 

One of the reasons why Buddy’s dad, Walter, was skeptical to accept his long lost son was the spaghetti.

Buddy’s newfound family had prepared spaghetti and meatballs for dinner the night Buddy arrived, however, Buddy wanted some — less traditional — items on his spaghetti, like Maple Syrup.

Elf Dinner Scene (spaghetti w/ syrup, and pop belch) in HD

I still remember the first time watching and every time, dying of laughter on the couch.

Another comedic moment is when Buddy gifted his father a new “shirt” and wrapped it up nicely, Walter’s face when he opens it is priceless.

Buddy’s Gift

The resolution at the end, though is not as comedic, is still the best part of the whole movie.

The way everyone came together to sing and bring back the Christmas spirit to help Santa go on his way and make people happy, it warms my heart.

Elf ending scene

Overall, Elf is the best Christmas movie because it is a funny, heartwarming reminder of what the holiday season should truly be.


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