How to Get Healthy

A person shows how much weight they have lost. You too can lose this much weight if you follow the advice of Josh Burgerz. (Photo courtesy of Public Domain)

For many people, losing weight is a New Year’s resolution goal. However, many are unable to follow through.

Not Josh Burgerz though; he was able to stay healthy and lose over 200 pounds in one year. If you are wondering how he did it, you’ve come to the right place! Burgerz is going to explain the methods he used to get fit and stay in shape. 

Wii Fit

Instead of playing a sport or going on regular walks and runs to get in shape, Burgerz preferred to stay indoors and play Wii Fit. According to Burgerz, the “tennis, skiing, and basketball games” are the most physically demanding. 

“If I wanted to work up a sweat quickly, I would hop on my Wii and play an hour of basketball to get my exercise in”, said Burgerz. 

After playing the more physically demanding games, Burgerz recommends playing the bowling or golf games as a post-workout cooldown. 

Eat your Veggies

Having a healthy amount of vegetables is important to keeping your body in tip top shape. Burgerz credits a lot of his weight loss to just eating his vegetables.

 “Normally, when I got a triple smash burger, I would never get lettuce on it. Now I always get it with extra lettuce and it’s making a difference”, said Burgerz. 

In case you’re wondering what vegetables to eat, Burgerz has you covered. “I would highly recommend fried okra or snow peas,” said Burgerz. Okra tastes great when fried, and peas are easy to eat since they are so small.


Possibly the quickest method to lose weight, fasting can be an easy way to put off 10 pounds. Burgerz would often go days without eating, something doctors don’t recommend. However, for Burgerz, days of fasting was the quickest way to lose weight.

“While fasting can be a struggle, especially for multiple days, I was able to lose 10 pounds really quickly, so no complaints for me!” said Burgerz.

If you really want to level up your weight loss game, combo fasting with Wii Fit exercise and prepare to see dramatic decreases in weight. 

As for what Burgerz’s go-to meal is after fasting, it’s “a can of pringles with a diet coke.”

Only Buy “Diet” Foods & Drinks

If you’re just trying to lose a quick couple of pounds, switching to diet sodas and reduced fat foods could be just what you need. Regular sodas and chips are fattening, but switching to diet and reduced fat gets rid of all the guilt. 

Burgerz found that he was able to enjoy up to 2x as many chips and about 1.5x as much soda when switching to diet and reduced fat. “Reduced fat chips may be the best thing on the planet, I am able to indulge without the worry of gaining weight”, said Burgerz. 

While diet sodas and reduced fat foods usually have to use extra chemicals and corn syrup to make the food still taste appealing, the benefit of losing weight outweighs the negatives of chemicals and corn syrup. 

Burgerz hopes that through sharing his methods, many will find losing weight as an easier task. He believes that anyone can lose weight as long as the set their mind to it and use his tips


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