Nicholas Morais student spotlight

Many students at Leesville have seen this bright face in the hallways. Nicholas Morais has already made a tremendous impact on his friends and the Leesville community. (Photo courtesy of Banks Blizzard)

Nicholas Morais is a student from Brazil and moved to the United States during his sophomore year without knowing any English. 

Throughout his high school career, he has maintained a 3.83 GPA, including many honors classes.  

“I have had the pleasure of [having] Nicholas for two semesters now. He was in my American history class and now he’s in honors Holocaust and Genocide. And for both classes he brought so much to the class because of his warm personality and he’s so expressive. He is definitely not afraid to speak and ask questions… kinda think out loud which is always a great thing to see as a teacher,” said Mrs. Moenning, social studies teacher. 

Not only is Morais a great student in class, he is also quite popular and has many friends. 

“Sometimes, I have to ask people what certain words mean. Listening to music in English, I sometimes stumble over words when I am singing, but I am getting the hang of things since I’ve been here for a few years,” said Morais, senior. 

The language barrier does not hinder Nicholas from making friends. 

“Nicholas is a great friend. I have only known him for half a semester, but he never fails to make me laugh. When it comes to classwork Nicholas gets his work done well. Nicholas and Mrs. Moenning are always joking around, but when it comes down to work he gets it done,” said Quinn Corser, junior. 

Morais is an exemplary student who is loved by his teacher and his classmates. Coming from a different country can oftentimes be a difficult challenge but for Morais this is just another day. 

“He (Morais) is also very good for the classroom community and very good at making friends fast,” said Moenning.

Nicholas Morais has had an amazing high school career despite the challenges of being a foreign student. 


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