What Makes A Good Date?

A local McDonalds establishment. A meeting spot for flourishing couples to nourish both their bodies and relationships. (Photo courtesy Christopher Pharr.)

Previously, The Mycenaean has taught you the best ways on how to get yourself a girlfriend, and the next step is where to take her on a first date. 

Silo Megwan, junior, attempted to take his newly acquired girlfriend for a romantic walk on Lake Lynn. “I don’t know man, it just kinda flopped, said Megwan.” “These slow ‘romantic’ dates aren’t just exciting enough anymore.”

The Mycenaean will dive deep to determine what really makes a good date.

McDonalds Play Place

“The best part of a date is the food,” said B. Mein, a top date-analyst. “And nowhere else could you find a more convenient meal than McDonalds.” 

Mein theorizes that with a combination of romance, and food, there is no possible way for a date to fail.

To test Mein’s theory, Megwan and his girlfriend (whom Mein refused to name) ventured to a local McDonalds, sharing a meal, and a post-dinner excursion to play in the PlayPlace.

“Wow, that was pretty awesome,” said Megwan, out of breath from the PlayPlace. Although Megwan seemed excited, his girlfriend seemed less than amused.

Seeming dejected, Megwan’s girlfriend said, “Sometimes we take a bit to figure out where we want to eat, but really? I know I have better ideas for dinner than this.”

Marbles Kids Museum

Mein decided a different approach may work for a better date. Instead of a casual dinner, Mein directed Megwan towards Marbles Kids Museum. 

“Women love playing games, right? The best place to take them is a place where they can always win,” said Mein.

Megwan and his girlfriend spent hours trekking around Marbles Kids Museum, visiting each exhibit while attempting to play with each interactive attraction.

When choosing which movie to watch at Marble’s IMAX theater, Megwan purchased two tickets for DC League of Super-Pets. Again, Megwan’s girlfriend reportedly was unamused.

“I was really excited to watch Oppenheimer, but I guess Megwan knew what we wanted to watch,” said Megwan’s girlfriend. 

Best Dates?

“I just don’t get it — Megwan and I already knew exactly what she wanted. Why didn’t she enjoy it?” said Mein. 

Although Mein’s hypothesis was supposedly infallible, data continues to be inconclusive. What women really want continues to be a mystery.


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