Leesville student spotlight: Emily Sendall 

Emily Sendall, second from the left, playing the White Rabbit in Leesville’s most recent production: Alice in Wonderland. (Photo used by permission of Emily Sendall)

Emily Sendall, junior, has been involved in performing arts at Leesville since the fall of her freshman year. Since, she’s distinguished herself as a valuable and talented addition to Leesville’s theater program. 

Since joining the theater program, Sendall has been involved in the production of three plays and two musicals. Her latest role was perhaps her biggest to date — she played the White Rabbit in Leesville’s 2023 fall production of Alice in Wonderland. The White Rabbit is one of the biggest parts in the play, and Sendall tirelessly dedicated herself to perfecting the role. 

“It was a really big time commitment. It always is,” said Sendall. “We stay after school most days for two to three hours rehearsing.”

Sendall worked alongside her castmates to ensure she portrayed her character in as accurate a way as possible, oftentimes exercising and studying the traits of rabbits in order to master the mannerisms of the role. 

“We did a lot of character work, specifically with this show, because there are a lot of non-human parts,” explained Sendall. “It’s really just studying the physicality of the animal you are playing and looking in between the lines to see what you can do physically and vocally with it.” 

Even though the White Rabbit was Sendall’s latest role, the rest of her work on stage throughout highschool has not gone unnoticed by those around her. She goes the extra mile in order to authentically portray her roles, even reading and annotating the entire book And Then There Were None when Leesville produced a play inspired by the infamous mystery novel.  

“She’s very committed to everything she does…,” said Ellary Hileman, junior castmate and friend of Sendall. “Emily never takes a role and does it halfway; she’ll take whatever role she’s given and do the very most that she can with it.” 

With the conclusion of the fall play, Sendall is planning to continue her success on the stage this school year by auditioning for a role in Leeville’s upcoming production of Mean Girls in the spring

Preceding Sendall’s highschool performing arts career, Sendall’s passion for theater began as early as third grade. The stage has become a vessel of expression for her ever since. 

“[Performing arts] has always been a really great way to express myself,” said Sendall. “Being on stage has always been something that I’ve loved to do, even if it was just singing and dancing around. I’s just always been a fun way to…make people happy, which is something I love to do. It’s always been a second home to me, the stage.”

After highschool, Senall hopes to continue performing arts in college to bring happiness to both herself and those around her. 


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