Do Students Prefer Starbucks Or Dunkin?

The ongoing debate between Starbucks and Dunkin continues, with students passionately advocating for their favorite coffee place. Whether you crave the elegance of Starbucks or the quick affordability of Dunkin, the coffee clash persists. (Photo Courtesy of Public Domain).

Coffee has become essential for high school students, offering a crucial source of energy and focus amid their demanding academic schedules. Students rely on coffee to wake them up in the early mornings and keep them awake for late nights of studying. 

As many individuals know, the two most common coffee places are Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. There are pros and cons to both coffee places that assist students’ preferences. 

Starbucks excels with its upscale ambiance and diverse menu of specialty coffees, while Dunkin embraces a fast and steady approach, catering to those seeking quick bites and classic coffees at an affordable price. 

Dunkin emerges as a preferable choice for high school students, and not just for its coffee flavors. Its affordability provides a practical solution for students navigating tight budgets. Dunkin stands out as an accessible, safe place for students to purchase a quick cup of coffee without breaking the bank. 

Some argue that Dunkin may win the affordability battle, but Starbucks attracts high school students with a premium coffee experience that transcends the cost. For students willing to pay a bit more, Starbucks becomes an investment in a more enjoyable and elevated cup of coffee. 

Emmanuel Hannah, a senior, prefers Dunkin over Starbucks. “Dunkin is a much better option than Starbucks, their food is way better and they also have good drinks that are much cheaper, Starbucks is very overrated, and I also work at Dunkin,” said Hannah. 

In the ongoing debate of Starbucks versus Dunkin among high school students, the choice all revolves around personal preference. Whether students gravitate towards a budget-friendly or a more premium and appealing allure, ultimately the decision comes from the students’ personal opinion. 


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