A Biltmore Christmas movie

The Hallmark channel has brought Christmas to the Biltmore in North Carolina. The new movie was shot at the Biltmore Estate and other places in eastern North Carolina over the course of 15 days. (Photo courtesy of Banks Blizzard)

The magic of the holiday season often finds its way into our lives in the form of movies. The movie A Biltmore Christmas brings all the magic joy, love and festive spirit right here to our home state of North Carolina. 

The set of the movie takes place at the magical Biltmore estate. This Hallmark movie lets viewers watch a movie filled with romance, tradition, and beauty of the Christmas season. 

The Biltmore estate, built by George Vanderbilt,  first opened to only Vanderbilt’s friends and family on Christmas Eve in 1895. This major tourist attraction brings many people year-round to see the jaw dropping estate. However, the estate brings in the most people during the Christmas season.

To film the movie, the Biltmore estate shut down its mansion for 15 days to film the whole movie on the property and around Asheville. 

North Carolina’s beauty has everything from rolling hills to cozy small towns. The movie really showcases some of the state’s diverse landscapes. The filmmakers use this variety to make the movie not just about Christmas but also a visual treat, showing off North Carolina’s cinematic views.

Not only are the views in the movie great, but so are the actors. The movie brings together local actors, crew members, and businesses, supporting the community and giving a boost to North Carolina’s film industry. 

The main character of the movie, played by Bethany Joy Lenz has also played roles in movies and tv shows all around North Carolina. Her most famous role was as a lead character in the popular teen show One Tree Hill, so this is not her first time acting in North Carolina.

Lenz does a great job with making the movie seem like it is real life. Instead of feeling like you’re watching a movie, Lenz makes it feel like you are in it. Typically, Hallmark movies are corny and the acting is sub par, however Lenz does a great job of really embracing her character and not just reading lines off of a script. 

Not only does the movie have good acting, the movie also does a great job showing both the interior and exterior of the mansion, highlighting its most important and different rooms.

In the movie, the filmmakers show the including, the Library, Tapestry Gallery, Main Hallway, Staircase Hall, Vestibule, Winter Garden, Banquet Hall, the corridor around the Winter Garden, and the corridor behind the Banquet Hall. 

Overall, A Biltmore Christmas does a great job of highlighting the North Carolina mountains and all they have to offer. If you are looking for a good Christmas movie that shows off the North Carolina landscape in the mountains, A Biltmore Christmas is a great option. 


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