Leesville’s Law and Justice Class

Leesville Law and Justice class is taught in the Murphy Building. Students from grades 10-12 are eligible to take this course. (Photo courtesy of Public Domain)

The Leesville Law and Justice class prepares students for a future in the legal profession. This class dives into several aspects of the legal field, including legal jargon and previous legal cases.

Throughout the semester, students work with hands-on projects and film study to learn about the criminal justice system. This class appeals to students who are interested in law, however, students interested in all professional fields can take the course.

“I chose this class because I wanted to find out if I want to go into a law profession… even if you are not interested in law it’s a good class to teach you your rights, how the criminal justice system works, and learning to think critically,” said Tillie Noyes, junior

Ms. Warren, a teacher for Law and Justice, prioritizes film in her class to utilize a hands-on approach in analyzing previous legal cases.

“My favorite part [of Law and Justice] is watching the movies like the Murdaugh case,” said Caleb Nelson, senior.

This course is available both semesters for students of grades 10-12 levels to explore the complex legal field. 

Whether you are interested in the legal field or not, Leesville Law and Justice is an excellent class to extend your knowledge of the U.S legal system as well as enhance your critical thinking skills.


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