Slow Pulp Yard Album Review

The official album cover for Yard, released on September 29, 2023. Each Slow Pulp album has a different and unique artwork, anywhere from block letters to geometric shapes. (Screen shared from Spotify)

Slow Pulp is a semi-underground band. And I don’t mean that in a cringy way. According to Spotify, they only have 1.6 million monthly listeners. Just to get a range of how many listeners, Taylor Swift has 100.6 million monthly listeners. 

Slow Pulp consists of four band members Emily Massey, Alex Leeds, Teddy Mathews, and Henry Stoehr. Slow Pulp is an indie-rock-pop band, originally from Madison, Wisconsin, formed in 2015. 

Now this band might seem irrelevant, but it truly is one of my favorites and is worth checking out. Slow Pulp is also coming to Raleigh on October 29, 2023, playing in Morocco Hall. You can buy tickets here, on their official website.  

Now on to Yard — the idea behind this album is a childhood yard, with green grass, summer and sprinklers; similar to the album cover. I could honestly listen to this album on repeat, Each song is great, which makes it hard to pick favorites. 

Drumroll please the number one song off Yard in my opinion is…….”Yard”

Ironically the song “Yard” is such a fun unique song that is different from the rest of the album. It’s almost like they captured a moment and inserted it into a song. It’s uncensored, and shows the realities of life and how it just moves forward. 

“Yard” is probably the selling of her childhood home. Which I’m biased about, because two years ago I moved out of my childhood home and it still holds a special place in my heart, so I relate to how Slow Pulp feels about their childhood homes. 

I would place “MUD” as number two on the album. With a more sad and melancholic vibe, than the other songs on the album. It is about missing someone and being stuck inside yourself. I find this song very calming, and it reminds me of a calm rainy day reading in my room. 

Number three, I have mixed feelings about, “Broadview.” Honestly, this song would be number one on the list if it wasn’t for the country folk song feel and the harmonica. I love the message and the beginning feel of the song, but country is my least favorite genre of music. 

Now that we have gone over the top three songs, number four is “Carina Phone 1000,” a really twangy acoustic guitar song, and it reminds me of grass, rain, and dirt. It makes me feel like I’m watching and observing life happening from afar.

At number five on the album is “Cramps.” It is a blaring rock/low-level metal type of song, and I love rock songs with loud guitars; angry music. Even though it sounds super cool, it’s not super emotional, it could easily be another rock song. 

Number six out of ten, “Slugs” has a rock, indie vibe. It’s about love, and wanting to repeat the memories like a good summer song over and over in your head. 

Next at seven, “Doubt.” It is an electronic, rock, pop, and indie song. The only reason this isn’t higher is because it repeats throughout, and is a pretty simple song. “Doubt” was also released as a teaser song before the album came out, so I’ve already listened to it excessively. 

Number eight, nine, and ten in order, “Gone 2,” “Worm,” and “Fishes”

“Gone 2” is another melancholy song that is a staple of all my playlists. “Worm” all the thoughts that swirl around your head. Lastly is “Fishes” which I had a hard time putting at the bottom, but because of the carnival noises in the background at the end of the song isn’t something that I love, it’s too loud for such a quiet and somber song. 


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