Principal Spotlight: Taylor-Jones

Beverly Taylor-Jones graduated from North Carolina State University with her masters of Administration degree. She is now an administrator at Leesville Road High School. (Photo permission from Beverly Taylor-Jones)

Last year 2022-2023 Leesville Road High School gained two new administrators and one of them was Beverly Taylor-Jones.

Taylor-Jones is originally from New York City and then moved to North Carolina. 

She went to Hillcrest in Queens, New York and then graduated from Brooklyn College with an undergraduate degree in communications. She also has two graduate degrees — one in curriculum & instruction and one in administration.

Before she started administering, she was a special Ed teacher for 17 years in Wood Central School District in Long Island.

She worked in two other districts before she came to Wake county which were Rocky mount and Chapel Hill Carrboro City School.

“Leesville is a part of excellence, and I like excellence. I like being great. I saw in that excellence there was a need for some improvements and I wanted to be a part of that great change of it,” said Beverly Taylor-Jones. 

“My favorite thing that has happened this year is Senior Sunrise and Parade.  It was great because it was an idea that came from the students,” said Taylor-Jones over email.

Outside of school, she loves to read, shop, and eat. Her favorite food is Mexican food.


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