How to make friends

A newly formed friend group. They all followed Dr. Ship’s tips and found lifelong friends. (Photo courtesy of Milo Wegmann)

Having a great friend-group is an important aspect to an enjoyable high school career. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a supportive friend-group. 

Do you ever find yourself wondering questions like: how to make friends? Why is no one friends with me? Or, fastest ways to make life-long friends? Well if so, you’re in luck because Dr. Fred Ship has just the tips you need to make some friends. 

Dr. Fred Ship has been studying the science of friendship for 25 years and has provided 5 tips to help you find the perfect friendship. 

Keep reading to find out how to get friends quick!

Be Vocal

Perhaps the reason you have few friends is because you don’t project your voice enough. 

“Shockingly, this is one of the most common reasons for a lack of friendships,” said Dr. Ship. 

Leesville provides many great opportunities to have your voice be heard, especially during transitions. If you want to be heard, make sure you are the first person out of the classroom and scream at the top of your lungs while running down the hallway. “This action provides a lasting impact on any potential friend,” said Dr. Ship. If you are more of the shy type, perhaps try this at lunch when other people are talking as well and the environment is a bit louder. 

Fit In

Fitting into a group may be the missing ingredient you need to have friends. For this, Dr. Ship recommends wearing brightly colored outfits such as neon green or orange. It is also very important that your outfit never matches so you can stand out in your new friend group better. 

“Nobody wants a boring friend. Bring some excitement and flair with your brightly colored outfits,” said Dr. Ship. Plus, when it’s dark out you can protect yourself and your new friends by being a walking traffic cone!

Be a know-it-all

Well look at that: You’re really smart and want to tell others as well! Luckily for you, potential friends would love to hear you talk on and on about a niche topic. Current hot-topics include anything about politics, fidget spinners, Pewdiepie, and anything Fornite related. 

“If none of these suggestions work for you, perhaps try being a grammar cop,” said Dr. Ship. Being a grammar cop reinforces your intelligence while also helping your potential friends out in the process!

Reinforce your Knowledge on Controversial Topics

Having a great understanding of controversial topics is one of the best ways to make friends. Every friend knows that the best way to strike up a conversation is with a controversial topic. 

“I’ve found that topics such as Jan. 6, flat-earth, and the vaccines are easy, lighthearted conversation starters,” said Dr. Ship. Also be sure to refine your selection when randomly switching topics during a conversation. 

“I just love it when my best friend starts to talk about how birds aren’t real in the middle of our conversations,” said Karen Smith, a junior at Leesville. 

Try testing out your controversial topics on unsuspecting strangers before approaching your potential friends. 

Limit Hygiene Whenever Possible

Have you ever met someone and thought “wow they are so clean”? Now think if you have ever met someone and thought “oh wow they are really dirty and smelly.” Chances are you think about the latter more. Leaving a lasting impression is the name of the game when making friends, so being remembered is key. Limiting hygiene is one of the fastest ways to leave a lasting impression on potential friends.

“I remember some of my first students that had trouble finding friends were all really clean, so I told them to stop showering and brushing their teeth. Wouldn’t you know it, within days of changing their hygiene habits they had tons of friends!” said Dr. Ship. Making sure you are the smelliest person in the halls will all but guarantee you are swarmed with potential friends looking for someone a little different than the normal friend.  

If all else fails, try making up your own ideas based on Dr. Ship’s tips. Following all of these tips on a daily basis will guarantee you make at least one great friend, if not more. 


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