Doordash on Campus?

Lila Padden, sophomore, posing with her Bojangles and DashPass she bought before school. She is looking forward to possibly being able to order food to the school directly. (Photo courtesy: Siena Trainor)

Should students be able to order food from outside vendors and get it delivered to school?

Upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) have the privilege to go off campus for lunch. Although they have limited time, most upperclassmen choose to eat off campus. This leaves the lowerclassmen (freshmen and sophomores) to eat on campus in either the cafeteria or multi-purpose room. 

Adding a food delivery drop-off zone to the school can help delivery people know where to drop the food off. Meals can be ordered ahead of time so it will be ready for students when lunch rolls around.

Finley Lewis, freshman, said, “It would be useful for underclassmen who can’t drive off-campus for lunch. As well as being nice not having to eat the cafeteria food every day.”

Students have the choice to bring a packed lunch from home or purchase a school lunch. But some students end up not eating lunch at all. 

Lila Padden, sophomore, said, “I would use it [food delivery] every day. I order food all the time at home and I have a dash pass. Sometimes I forget to bring lunch [to school] and then I’m hungry.”

The drop-off spot could be located outside, to inhibit delivery personnel from entering the school. A faculty member is already posted at the front of the school, so the drop-off spot would be watched over. 

This could benefit the school by adding a  delivery fee paid to the school each time food is dropped off. Or to make it easier a prepaid delivery lunch pass. Similar to the off-campus lunch pass. A limit to how many times a student can order food per semester could also be put in place to decrease the number of deliveries a day. 

Many students have advocated to allow Doordash at school. 


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