Get to know Dr.Eagle

Dr. Eagle taking out some samples. Taking a look at the progress. Photo credits: Gabriella Cueto

Dr. Eagle is one of LRHS’s Biology teachers. Dr. Eagle had been a part of the pride for 6 years.

Originally from central New Jersey. She started her early career days as a researcher and taught lab courses at NC State.

While focusing mainly on her children, Dr. Eagle continued to teach preschool and many tutoring programs. She then began to get her teaching certificate she received her certificate from Harvard.

She had learned throughout the years that many adults don’t have a basic knowledge of science which led her to teach this subject. Eagle said, “During the pandemic and covid, it was very evident that people still don’t understand the virus or how to protect yourself.”

Her first teaching job was at NC State.  She joined the Pride in 2014. Dr. Eagle always had a love for teaching and helping young minds. She said,” I love exposing kids to science; I love science.”

Something you may not know about Dr. Eagle is that she has two children– one is studying law and the other is going to be a doctor. Fun fact about Doctor Eagle: She played tennis throughout high school and played partially in college. 

After she retires, she said, “I’m going to hang out at the beach with my husband.” 


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