Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a One Piece inspired ROBLOX game. Users travel across the sea to become the king of the pirates! (Photo courtesy of Blox Fruits)

Blox Fruits is one of the most popular ROBLOX games ever created. The developers of Blox Fruits, Gamer Bot Inc, released the game in 2019. Since the initial release, the game has become a multi-award game.

Blox Fruits is a game based on the pirate anime, One Piece. For legal reasons, the game is a loose copy of the anime.

In the game, users can “become a master swordsman or a powerful blox fruit user as you train to become the strongest player to ever live. You can choose to fight against tough enemies or have powerful boss battles while sailing across the ocean to find hidden secrets.”

The general idea of the game is to follow a storyline, grind to level up, and to fight in pvp (player vs player).


The storyline is based off of the same order of arcs in One Piece. There are three different seas in the game.

“I love how the islands go in chronological order of the anime’s arcs. It makes me feel like I am on the same journey as Luffy, [the main character of the anime, One Piece,]” said Carter Knox, Blox Fruits and One Piece fan.

The first sea contains fifteen islands and requires users to reach level 700 before advancing to the second sea. The second sea contains eight islands. However, most users spend most of their time on the main island due to quests. Users must be level 1500 to advance to the next sea. The third sea contains seven islands and is currently the last sea.

Users start off on the pirate starter island and complete quests to level up. After reaching certain levels, they can travel across the sea to other islands to complete quests.


Blox Fruits has four different fighting mechanics available. These include a melee, a gun, a sword, and blox fruit.

Users have stat points that allow them to upgrade their fighting abilities. Points are awarded from leveling up. However, there is a cap limit for the amount of points a player can use to upgrade their fighting skills.

Users can create types of builds like sword, melee, and blox fruit build.

The sword fighting style is when a user specializes in their sword ability for combat. There are five different rarities of sword: common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and mythical. The mythical swords are the most desired swords as they have increased damage and defense. Swords are obtained via defeating bosses or purchasing from the shop.

The melee fighting style is when a user specializes in martial arts for combat. Users can purchase martial art styles throughout the map. There are 11 styles available, with four in the first sea, four in the second sea, and three in the third sea. Fighting styles are obtained via teachers scattered around the map.

The gun fighting style is when a user specializes in guns for combat. There are currently 13 guns available in the game. Guns are obtained via bosses, or by completing certain quests.

The blox fruit fighting style is when a user specializes in blox fruit powers for combat. There are currently 35 blox fruits available. Each fruit has unique abilities and some are more powerful than others. Fruits are obtained via shop or trading.

“I am a blox fruit user because I have the awakened buddha fruit, and it’s overpowered,” said Knox.

Users aim to master their fighting style to conquer the land and to dominate in pvp.

Pirate crews

Players are able to create and join pirate crews once they reach level 300. Pirate crews allow users to create large alliances and complete the storyline together.

Pirate crews have a shared bounty that combines the total bounty of all its members. To create competition, there is a leaderboard ranking crews with the highest combined bounties.

Several groups in the Blox Fruits community host pirate crew pvp competitions where they compete in duels to crown the most powerful crew.

Blox Fruits has continued to grow in popularity and produce updates frequently. ROBLOX fans have high hopes for the game as it has a 94% like ratio and 22.6 billion visits as of October 19, 2023.


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