The Dress Code and Petition

The petition to change the dress code has gotten over nine hundred signatures in under a week, and was created by Ari Cooper, Senior. You can find the dress code petition here. (Photo Courtesy of the petition website)

Mrs. Jacobs, LRHS principal, will start enforcing the Wake County dress code causing backlash from the students. 

But is it actually Mrs. Jacob’s policy or the districts? In Wake County’s policy, number 4316, is the student dress code, one of the rules is whether clothing is “reasonably likely to create a substantial disruption of the educational process or operations of the school.” This leaves a lot up to interpretation depending on what the school specifically deems as inappropriate or a disruption to a school environment. 

But why does Mrs. Jacobs want to start with the dress code when there are so many other issues in school that need to be addressed? So let’s hear from Mrs. Jacobs directly during her Principal chat: “I appreciate the leadership that’s going on in Leesville Road High School. Who doesn’t love I appreciate it. I like it. Okay, you’re advocating, that’s fair I get it. That’s not going to change it. I need you all to understand Mrs. Jacobs did not make this up I promise you. 

Mrs. Jacobs literally, that’s the page, copied and pasted it. So whatever is out there on the Instagram that is attached to Mrs. Jacob’s name is, I just learned this a couple of days ago, that’s CAP … Next clothing covers skin from chest to mid-thigh with no see-through materials…Now can you wear tank tops and things like that? Yes. Can your shoulders be out? Yes.”

Mrs. Jacobs is only reinforcing the already existent Wake County dress code. Anything you have seen on Instagram is fake, Mrs. Jacobs allows us to wear shorts, just at an appropriate length, tank tops as long as they cover undergarments, and she never mentioned oversized shirts. Similarly, Mrs. Jacobs also talked about how she doesn’t want men to be wearing those white tank tops that are supposed to be worn under dress shirts. This was never about gender to her; she just doesn’t want to see indecent clothing. As well as with the chain issue in her talk, Mrs. Jacobs stated that you can wear chains around your neck, the only chains she doesn’t want to see is the wallet chain around your waist type. These can be used as whips to hurt others. 

Personally, I would say Mrs. Jacobs is pretty understanding and the backlash is undeserved. Her policies are in no way harsh. 

A petition has been circling around in defiance against the dress code, started by Ari Cooper, senior. Cooper wants to make a difference and believes that the dress code is stifling LGBTQ+ students she believes, “Wake County is fatphobic and sexist towards the dress code. I believe that women and men, even gender non-conforming people should have the right to dress however they want.” But Cooper also believes that Principal Mrs. Jacobs is just following orders of the County, but she seems to be against most revealing clothing.

Cooper elaborated on how she created the petition to see how many other students agreed with them about the dress code. Additionally, you can donate money to the petition and there has been much speculation about what the admins of the petition do with the money. Cooper said, “The money doesn’t actually go to me it goes to the website to actually help support the petition. So when you donate money it boosts the petition to go more worldwide.”

The petition has signatures from students of all genders and ages at Leesville. Many have left comments under the petition. 

Here are five comments students have made:

Nadia Ferjani —  “Having no dress code at Leesville was one of the only decent things about this school; it’s actually nice to not have to worry about my torso or my thighs showing when I walk by a teacher, but now I just feel uncomfortable.”

Connor Matas — “This dress code stuff isn’t allowing people to express themselves for the majority and it sucks!!” 

Naryanna McGimpsey — “The school should first focus on the school’s funding/ budget. And the school’s safety. The dress code is targeted towards women, and sexualizes them in inappropriate ways. Instead of making women cover up. Teach men.. No. Boys! To control themselves.”

Chloe Shepard — “The dress code teaches young women that we should hide our shoulders, upper thighs and most of our chests because boys don’t have the mental capacity and common decency to just mind their business. Young women shouldn’t be punished because school districts can’t teach them impulse control.” stated Chloe Shepard. 

Paris Scott — “The responsibility should NOT be against girls, and you shouldn’t shame us to cover up the fact that your sons are uneducated. Along with the rule that now we’re doubted name changes and anti-LBGTQ propositions because we are using our voices. It’s not mind boggling science behind holding those who abuse their privileges accountable and blaming the clothes we wear and how we present ourselves is even more of an issue.”


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