How are Freshmen Adjusting to Leesville?

Freshmen from left to right (Lyla Eisner, Annabelle Baker, Natalia Cesky, Tyler McInnis) enjoying A lunch in the pit. (Photo courtesy of Siena Trainor)

August 28, 2023 marks the start of Leesville’s new school year. The class of 2027 has finally arrived in the building, let’s see how they are enjoying highschool so far. 

“It’s a lot bigger than my middle school and harder to find my way around,” said Lucia Namey, freshman. The first year of highschool can be overwhelming for students in a new environment. Making friends can be hard. Many freshman join clubs and sports teams, which provide them opportunities to become familiar with the school and see new faces. Freshman year allows students to explore all of the options Leesville has to offer. The transition from middle school to high school can be intense for freshmen. This adjustment can be even harder on student athletes. When asked if sports and schoolwork is easy to balance, Issac Rivas, Freshmen, said, “Not as easy because it’s a little tougher and football takes a lot of time out of my day.” All students at Leesville enter straight into a full schedule with faster paced classes. The workload is increased and students have to engage in their classes. 

There are a lot of things to look forward to in high school. Students take school events at Leesville very seriously. Football games attract the most attention from students, and themes make the games even more fun. The band, dance team, and cheerleaders are also there adding to the action. A lot of freshmen are adjusting to Leesville and fitting right in, many are attending school events and enjoying clubs.


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