Review of the Review of Coffee Similar Drinks 

A fancy latte with A leaf shaped latte art I ordered. Ordered at a cafe in South Carolina, it’s not often that lattes with art are served in glass. (Photo courtesy of Abigail Crawford)

On the week of February 14, 2023, I wrote a review based on different coffee I tried and others opinions on how they like their coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee ever since then and developing my tastes for what I like and what I don’t. In that article I wrote about loving sugary drinks, and how I would try fancy drinks that were all foam and no coffee. 

In my opinion now, good coffee is coffee that doesn’t need sugar or sweetener. The best coffee is rich and deep; it only needs cream, heavy cream, or half and half – that to me is the best kind of coffee. Personally, I enjoy half and half in my coffee; whereas creamer is sweeter and can come in different flavors. 

I also have learned there is a big difference between lattes and coffee. They are two completely different drinks, coffee is made from coffee beans. And lattes are espresso, strong coffee usually served in small doses called shots, with foam milk on top. Although lattes are a sweetened foam version of coffee, it’s still one of my favorite drinks to get. 

Most of my friends like Hannah Lewis and Anna Brenzovich, both now juniors, said in my previous article that they liked their coffee with lots of sugar and cream. I now know that coffee isn’t meant to be drunk like that. 

In fact, coffee shouldn’t have to be sweetened to enjoy it. Why drink coffee if you are planning on diluting the taste until it’s unrecognizable?

I would also say that iced coffee is better, but that, as I said in my other article, is my own opinion, as I tend to run warm in temperature, iced coffee is a great cool down for me. Plus I never have to worry about burning myself.  

There is one topic I was right on though, local coffee shops, to me, always seem to have the best coffee. Starbucks and Dunkin don’t have anything on the mom-and-pop stores. 

Some great coffee places to check out are Jubala Coffee, Sola Coffee Cafe, and of course NoRa Cafe.


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