Powderpuff is Coming Up

Last year’s sophomore team after their powderpuff win. They hope to repeat it this year as juniors. (Photo Courtesy: Amanda Leggot)

Who said football is only for boys? On October 11, the girls will take over the field in the annual powderpuff games. The interest meetings were held the week of Monday, September 18.

All participants must have attended one interest meeting or they will not be eligible to play in the games at all. Practices are not mandatory but are highly recommended. The practices include getting to know your team, assigning positions, and learning plays.

The Spring Carnival will also be held at the same time with powderpuff being the main attraction. There will be many booths with fun games and activities for both students and their families. Clubs can promote themselves and gain members at the same time.

In last year’s Powderpuff games, the seniors lost to the freshmen in overtime kicks. The sophomores then went on to beat the freshmen in the final to become the ultimate champion. 

Evie Morgan, junior, said, “It feels great, it feels pretty good going into this year as the reigning champs. I think we’re going to do it again this year.’’

Each year is a clean slate, with new athletes and new plays. 

Morgan Read, freshman, said, “I’m a very competitive person and I had a lot of fun competing against all the girls. I’m looking forward to playing with my friends and the upperclassmen. Hopefully, the sophomores will win this year.”

We might even get the pleasure to see some guy students, mainly football players, cheerlead in powderpuff.


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