APUSH Mock Trials

Mr. Bacon announces the verdict of King George the III in his 2 period AP U.S. History class. King George was found guilty on all three counts. (Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Taylor)

During the week of September 22, the AP US History (APUSH) class started their trials and for each of the three periods it is going differently. To set up the mock trial, Mr. Bacon has two judges and four attorneys on each side of the courtroom (prosecution and defense).

Aiden Cavanaugh, junior, is currently in APUSH and on the prosecution. Just like real trials, mock trials truly depend on the lawyers you have because in Cavanaugh’s class the trial is going on. “Okay, Our lawyers aren’t doing the best job of when they need to call objections, but the witnesses are doing a good job of staying in character,” said Cavanaugh. 

It is important to note that when Cavanaugh said our lawyers he meant both prosecution and defense lawyers. 

In Cavanaugh’s class, the defendants are winning because ”the prosecuting lawyers are currently not doing the best job of making objections to things that would put their witnesses under pressure and get them to say things that they normally wouldn’t.”

Cavanaugh believes that the prosecution is losing but he believes that they can start winning if they. “Read up more on which scenarios they need to object to and to listen to what their witnesses are saying more,” said Cavanaugh.

“It’s been pretty good so far. I am an attorney for the defense and I think we have done a good job laying out our case,” said Tillie Noyes, juniorand defense attorney.. 

Noyes said, “The defense is winning and I think it was because of our cross examination of the prosecution’s witnesses.”

For the prosecution to start winning the trial, Noyes thinks the prosecution must, “Do a really good job on their cross examination when we are presenting our final witnesses and had a really good closing statement they could win,” said Noyes. 

The cases for all three class periods are still in the air and at this point and if the defense or prosecution in each class tries just a little bit harder the case could fall into their favor.  


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