LRHS Summer plans

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, students are planning and looking forward to their future summer plans.

Pools have started opening, and people are applying for summer jobs and planning vacations; LRHS is literally counting down the days.

summer jobs are incredibly useful for any highschool student. They provide the opportunity to work full time and earn more money than one would during the school year.

Tyler James, freshman, said, “I just got a job as a lifeguard at my pool…I’m excited to spend the summer working and earning money.” 

While working over the summer is very common, many students spend their months off traveling and being with friends and family.

“I’m going on vacation to the Dominican Republic to visit my family…I’m gonna spend some time with friends and family before college,” said Jeslyn Camilo, senior.

Santiago Remis, junior, said, “I’m planning on hopefully going to Mexico and Colombia.”

Lots of Leesville families take advantage of the long summer vacation to travel internationally. However, some families stay local and spend their vacation at the beach and pool.

Kendall Molnar, sophomore, said, “I’m not really doing much this summer…I’m honestly probably just going to spend the Summer going to the beach and the pool.”

Regardless of how or where students and staff spend their summer, all members of LRHS are counting down the days till school ends.


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