Parents Urge the School to Create Smoking Sections


LRHS has had over thirty fire alarms because of students smoking in the bathroom. What concerns have come to the principal, parents are frustrated with the amount of class time being stolen from their public education kids. Because students from public schools are getting the highest education and experiences, they should have more rights given to them. 

Many parents have reached out to give suggestions, such as smoking sections. Melinda-Lynn Petergrove, parent, said, “I fully support my daughter and son in smoking, these vapes are less dangerous than cigarettes one hundred percent!”

 Petergrove said, “These vapes are practically just air. They don’t do any harm, and I permit it. Schools should let parents decide if their amazing kids should vape or not.”

Petergrove is one of the school’s most persistent supporters of designated smoking and vaping sections. She often is outside of the school holding up signs: “I smoked when I was in middle school, and I turned out good!” 

She continuously inspires the community to stand up for what they believe in. Her kids Salem and Winston Peters Grove, both are named after cigarettes. 

Another headstrong and lung-weak protester is father of ten, Rick Cigarwet. He is an avid smoker and tobacco chewer. 

Cigarwet said, “That dang government is always trying to turn communist and force us to stop smoking and doing what we love. I smoke a pack a day and I haven’t died yet! They need to create stronger immune systems for these self-love hippies. Smoking sections are a great idea, they would save money and me a headache.” 

After saying this, Cigarwet promptly sneered and accidentally spat his tobacco chew onto my sneaker. He quickly apologized and said, “Sorry ‘bout that we need spittin’ cans and smoking sections for a reason ‘n that’s one of ‘em.”

Our principal has received many emails from parents complaining about their children’s public school education. A teacher, Sarah Dibbens, decided to comment on it, “I believe that the principal supports smoking sections. No one wants to keep paying for the firemen to come here every time. I think it’s more of an issue that it’s illegal, and what parents are letting their kids do is ILLEGAL.”

With the new surge of parents critiquing the principal. They made their opinions clear about the school’s neglect of their children’s smoking habits. The principal agreed to look into the matter.

Parents are so willing to let their children smoke, all accommodations must be made to make something illegal and harmful to children a-okay. Because who said smoking causes people to die anyway?

Karen Langley, parent, also urged her dismay at her children’s smocking patterns. “I just wish they wouldn’t do it inside, it’s aggravating when fire alarms go off their poor ears could go deaf! I just want them to stop, then they could continue to smoke inside. I will always support my kids, even when I know they are wrong, our school doesn’t even do anything to help these poor kids.”

Parents are reaching out to the school on a daily basis, the school and district should listen. This world is constantly changing and one of these changes should be to diffidently allow underage kids to start and keep wonderful habits and smoking tendencies.


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