Cheer Commitments

The Leesville 2023 cheer team after finishing first place at the WCPSS Cheer Competition. The team holds the trophy after the competition. (Used by permission of LRHS Cheer)

Brier Griffin and Zoe Fulton, both former varsity cheerleaders, have made their commitments to continue their athletic careers in college. 

Brier Griffin committed to cheer at North Carolina State University, and Zoe Fulton committed to East Carolina University. Both schools, ECU and NCSU, are D1 athletic schools. 

Griffin cheered for Leesville during his senior year throughout the basketball season. During the past 6 months, he has worked on improving his skills. His dedication landed him a spot on the NCSU cheer team.

“I am most excited for the different kinds of people that I’m going to get experience from, since a lot of people from all over the country want to cheer at NC state. My goal in college cheer is to win a national championship,” said Griffin. 

Fulton has been cheering for 6 years. Through her years of practice, she has developed new skills that landed her a spot on the ECU cheer team in the fall. 

“I wanted to go to ECU because I love the energy and vibe of the whole school. My parents went there, and we have been going to football games forever. I have always wanted to cheer at ECU. It was my dream ever since I was little,” said Fulton.

Fulton and Griffin view cheerleading as an amazing opportunity to build as athletes and people.

“I love entertaining the crowd and creating a second family,” said Fulton. 

Griffin also continues to find his love through cheerleading because of the competition involved.

“I love how competitive cheer is. It is a very under the radar type of sport, people don’t really think about cheer being a competitive sport but it is very involved,” said Griffin. 

Leesville’s cheerleading program is proud and honored to hand over Griffen and Fulton to their future colleges with the skills and knowledge they have acquired through Leesvilles program. 


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