Carpentry Aquarium Table

Photo Courtesy of Kellyn Krause

The carpentry one class is working on projects of their choice. One student is building a table that will hold an aquarium tank for one of the science classes. 

In carpentry class, the newest assignment is called “special operations” build. Students are able to choose what they would like to design and build. They can do this build independently, in a pair or in a small group. 

Aiden Bowen, senior, has decided to create a table that will act as a base for a new aquarium tank that will end up going in the marine ecology classes next year. 

“I had marine ecology last semester, and the teacher, Ms. Lawless, always used to say how she needed a base table for her aquarium… and you know I am a master carpenter, here I am in carpentry one now.  I just decided that someone needs to do it, and it was going to be me,” said Bowen. 

Mr. Miura, carpentry teacher, also decided to give Bowen a little bit of a challenge. He challenged him to only use the leftover or scrap wood left in the room to complete this project. This made the project not only helpful for the school but also environmentally friendly. 

Once the project design was completed, Bowen was able to begin the building process. 

The aquarium will end up being around 50 gallons and will have to hold up to 500 pounds so stability was a priority for this build. 


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