Davis Dutton, sophomore, uses Photomath to complete his math homework. He uses the solving explanations to understand his assignment. (Photo Courtesy of Cameron Broer)

    Photomath is an online app that students can download to their smartphones. Photomath scans a math problem inorder to share a variety of methods and approaches on how to solve the scanned math problem. 

    The app can read handwriting and printed text to solve the given problem. The app is able to graph, solve, simplify all while explaining the steps to users. 

    Photomath may be of assistance when a student misses a day of math class. They are then able to use the app and find step by step explanations in order to solve the given problems.

    Students may also find this app beneficial to use throughout their math homework. Students do not always have math assistance outside of school, like a tutor or an understanding parent, so Photomath is a way for students to expand their knowledge. 

    “I use Photomath for my pre calc homework. A lot of the time when we are starting new units, I will have trouble with certain problems and it shows me step by step how to do it,” said Carson Webb, sophomore. 

    Webb finds the app’s steps to be very similar to the steps she learned in class. She finds Photomath helpful while doing her homework.

    “Photomath has a lot of different ways for solving the same problem and it will take a problem and solve it for multiple different things, so you can basically find anything you need,” said Webb. 

    Leesville students use photomath’s assistance in order to find new solving ways and to better understand their math units. 


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