Things to do in class when you are bored

While paying attention in class is very important it can get tiring. Playing games is one of the best ways to cease boredom during class. (Photo courtesy of Peyton Holt)

Sometimes class can be boring. Maybe the lecture is going on for too long, or it’s personalization and you’ve already done all of your work that has been assigned. 

With or without a computer there are several fun things that students can do while bored in class. 

1.The classic doodling on paper

Anyone who has ever been bored in class before knows how fast a page can fill up with several doodles. Try to draw your favorite animal, or make a cool design. Bring some colored pencils or pens and make your doodles beautiful artwork.

2. Make up a story in your head

Are there not a lot of resources available to you at the time? Try to make up a story in your head. Look at the people in the room and imagine what they will do after school. 

Will they go on an adventure, or will they suddenly become ninjas and live a secret life outside of school, who knows! It is all up to the imagination.

 “Sometimes I like to just look at someone in my class, the teacher or a student, and just imagine their life after we separate” Said Makayla Holloway, junior.

3.Try to solve a really complicated math problem in your head

Look up a hard/almost impossible math problem, and try to solve it. Perhaps print out a page of these problems and take them to class, so when it does get boring pull out the page and solve some math problems. 

Not only will it keep you busy but it will also help you in future math classes and the SAT/ACT.

4.Play tic tac toe

Is there a friend sitting next to you? Obtain a little piece of paper and make a tic-tac-toe board and slide it to them. Make a tally of who wins the most and who loses, and maybe even add a prize to the end. 

5.Play 2048

If there is a computer available, look up the game 2048. The name of the game is to slide number tiles on a grid to combine them and get to the point where the Tile is at the number 2048. 

It may sound easy but the game does require a lot of thinking. It may take a while to get to tile 2048, but it will take up time in class.

6.Do the Discovery crossword puzzle

One way to keep up with education and take up time is to play a crossword puzzle. The crossword problem will challenge your thinking skills and even teach you new vocabulary. 

Crossword puzzles also have interesting trivia questions that will keep players immersed in the puzzle.

“I get immersed in the Crossword Puzzle, and sometimes I even have the teachers help me,” said Andrea Lehman, sophomore.

7.Play Solitaire 

Solitaire is is single-player and lays out a deck of cards, the player must organize the cards on top of one another going red to black or black to red. 

The goal of the game is to stack each suit onto the other. The game helps build concentration and thinking skills.  There are several different websites to play Solitaire on, but the least glitchy would be Google’s doodle archive. 


Sudoku is a number-based game. There are 9 square boxes next to each other making a big square. Within every box are 9 tinier boxes. 

The goal of the game is to fill up each box with the correct number, 1-9. In each box and line, there can be no repeated numbers. 

Sudoku helps evolve thinking skills, decision-making, and problem-solving. While playing time may go by very fast, and once skills build, players can try to complete the puzzle in less and less time.

Whether it’s an online game or something you can do on paper, these games should help pass the time in class. 



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