Tardies are important


Giving out tardies is a great way to teach students the importance of punctuality and instill a sense of responsibility in them. It also sets a precedent for other students to follow, as they will not want to be the one receiving the tardy. It is a great way to deter students from showing up late and to remind them that being on time is an important part of being a responsible student.

“The expectation is that students should be in class on time. When that expectation is not met , then there are consequences,” Sara Morey, assistant principal.

It also helps to improve classroom management by giving the teacher more control over their classroom. The teacher will be able to keep track of who is coming to class late, and use that information to address the problem and come up with solutions. It also gives the teacher an opportunity to talk to the students about what to expect in class that day, it is important for students to be on time so they do not miss information.

“The tardy policy is to assist teachers and help get students to class on time. We are trying to help get students in their seats on time so undisturbed learning can occur,” Morey, assistant principal.

Giving out tardies also helps to ensure that students aren’t missing out on any important information or activities. Students who are consistently late to class may not be able to catch up on the material that they have missed, which could have a negative effect on their grades. 

“By giving out tardies, teachers can help to ensure that all students are up to speed on the material and are able to participate in class activities,” Ms. Morey, Assistant Principal.

Overall, giving out tardies to students who are late to class is an effective way to ensure a safe and orderly classroom. It sets a precedent for other students to follow and helps to improve classroom management. It also helps to ensure that all students are up to speed on the material and can participate in class activities without any disruptions.


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