Sophomore Brings Speech II to Next Year’s Class List

An image of where students can find Speech II on their roster. The class is available only to those who’ve taken Speech I. (Photo courtesy of Blase Harriss)

Speech II is an English elective that students can sign up for next year.

Speech I is a class that teaches students public speaking skills and general communication abilities. Until this year, there was no second level of Speech to take after Speech I. 

However, due to the efforts of Speech I student Carson Thorne, sophomore, students can now select Speech II on their signup rosters for next year.

Speech II plans to build on and refine the skills students learned in Speech I, furthering their communication and public speaking skills. If enough people sign up for it, it would act as a class that happens in the same period and classroom as Speech I.

Thorne had taken Speech I and was interested in taking a second speech class if he could. Unfortunately, it didn’t exist.

However, Amy Wedge, the Speech I teacher, told him how he could create the class himself. By having interested students sign a petition, he could get administration to add Speech II to the roster for next year.

Thorne said, “I [went and] made an online petition, and we created posters to put up around the school to then have people… fill them out if they [were] interested.”

“We ended up getting enough people signing the petitions, and we sent that to Ms. [Sara] Morey… in administration. After she approved the class being created, we had the class on the roster.”

The entire process from beginning to end took, Thorne around a quarter of the school year. However, even though the class is now on the roster, if not enough people sign up for the class, it won’t happen. Additionally, in order for people to get into the class, they need to select it as their first choice when picking classes in order to show their interest.

Now, Thorne is advertising Speech II to as many people as possible. “I created another poster to hang up [around the school] which promoted Speech II… and [the fact] that… you had to put it as your first choice.”

If students want to take Speech II, they should put it down as their first choice on their class list and tell all their friends to do the same to increase the chances of the class happening.



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