Should There Still Be Daylight Savings 

The clocks moved forward an hour, leaving many students exhausted. Daylight savings is questioned by individuals as to whether it should be continued or not. (Photo Courtesy of Public Domain.)

Daylight savings was established in 1918 to save energy costs during World War I. The idea was made so that people could make more use of daylight. 

Daylight savings occurs in many countries; however, Japan, India, and China do not observe daylight saving time. People wish that the United States did not participate in daylight saving time. 

People enjoy daylight savings in the fall when they get to sleep in an hour, but in the spring, when they lose an hour of sleep, it greatly affects them the next day. 

Students should have an hour delay the Monday following daylight savings time in the spring. This allows students to get enough sleep. 

When students lose an hour of sleep, they don’t engage as much in school the next day and aren’t focused. If students were able to get that hour of sleep back, it would be less harmful to their learning. 

When students get less sleep it affects their learning because they are more tired and less focused, causing them to doze off in class. They take in little information and don’t process what they are being taught. 

Marco Puma, junior, believes daylight savings should not be continued. ¨Daylight savings should not be continued because it is not used internationally, it is inconvenient and not beneficial. Having an hour delay the next day would be super nice in which we would get that loss of sleep back,¨ said Puma. 

Carson Thorne, a sophomore, agrees with Puma. “Daylight savings is very annoying in the Spring, losing an hour of sleep affects students more than you would think. Most students don’t get enough sleep to begin with so that extra hour lost makes it worse,¨ said Thorne. 

To other people, daylight savings may not affect them, but students are negatively impacted by the loss of sleep. 


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