2023 Career Fair

Representatives from Little Caesars, a multinational pizza chain, attend the 2023 Career Fair. In an effort to promote their business, students are offered the chance to spin a wheel, either earning a slice of pizza up front or a coupon for future use. (photo courtesy of Maddy Winick)

This past Friday, March 23, over 50 businesses and companies attended Leesvilles 2023 Career Fair in the Auxiliary Gym. 

The career fair is an annual event where students can explore different careers, discover businesses that are hiring, or even come across an internship opportunity.

Wake Tech, for example, had different booths filled with information about the different programs they offer. Some included were Hospitality Management, Dental Hygiene, and Simulation and Game Development.

In the Simulation and Game Development program specifically, a 10 year program is offered divided into two different tracks; a “programming track”, where one would learn different languages such as html, and an “art and modeling track”, educating on 3D modeling, animation, and game design. 

“The students in highschool, they are the next generation of game developers, and that’s where everyone is coming from. Students like to play games and some may decide, ‘hey, I’d like to find out what it’s like to actually make the games’,” said Brad Swearingen, a professor at Wake Tech.

Other than programs from the local community college, The US Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Navy, and Army recruiters attended the event in an attempt to inspire students to consider joining in the future.

Before career fairs, Leesville held college fairs, hosted by the PTSA (the Parent-Teacher-Student Association). Multiple colleges, educational resources, and various ROTC programs set up booths, each with a present representative. Some alumni from certain universities attended as well. Students would gain background information on the college admittance process, and hopefully gain an idea of where they can see themselves in the future. 

Although Leesville does not hold college fairs anymore, Student Services takes care of all college-related material for students.

As the Career Development Coordinator, Mrs. Canada takes responsibility in organizing Leesvilles career fair each year. 

This year, along with the past few, the event has been held during the school day rather than at night. 

“Of course the parents could easily attend the career fair at night, but when it is during the day, I think I can reach more students,” said Canada.

About 1600 students attended; this included all CTE and PE classes, along with OCS and EL students.

Students took advantage of the opportunities presented at the event.

“I heard about the Wake Tech dental hygiene program and came to talk to the people here about that because it’s probably what I’m going to do when I’m older. I learned that their dental assisting program is a one year course, and after that you can pretty much become a dental assistant yourself. I think the career fair helped me get a better idea of what I want to be when I’m older,” said Tyler Hodges, senior. 

In order to get other students attending the career fair involved in the event itself, a scavenger hunt was distributed. It included 10 questions or quick tasks such as “find a career where mathematics is used daily”, or some a little more personal, such as “what careers interest you and why?”


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