Women’s Basketball Wins Over Sanderson

The women's pride basketball team is preparing for the second half. Coach Danehower guides the team through instruction and formation review. (photo courtesy Cameron Broer)

On Tuesday, February 7, the women varsity basketball team hosted Sanderson at home. The last time the two teams played, Leesville won 66 to 24.

Leesville went into the game with a 5-15 record and ended the game with a 6-15 record.  

Leesville took the lead early in the game and held it for the remainder of the time. The final score of the game was 66 to 11.

Mattie Montanic, freshmen, led the team with 13 points which is a new career record for her. Molly Zuburg, sophomore, wasn’t far behind her with 11 total points. 

The Leesville team as a whole was full of composure and teamwork to secure their win. “I thought it was really fun to get a collective win as a team. Everyone was a part of the win and worked together,” said Zuburg.

Through the team’s effort and competition level, they have grown as a whole and as individuals. While the season has progressed, so have the athletes capabilities and skills. 

“Everyone was able to contribute in a different aspect, whether it was defense, offense, passing or shooting,” said Zuburg. 

The Leesville women’s basketball team is full of skill and athleticism which allowed them to secure the Sanderson win. 

Their next game is home, Friday, February 10 at 6:30 p.m., against Enloe Eagles.


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