Why Reread Books?


When someone reads a book, it can give them a way to escape from reality, and they can become part of the story as they turn the pages of the novel.

I think it’s safe to say that reading a new book is a very exciting experience, but there’s something about reading one that makes the reader feel as though they are more immersed in the world of their book.  Research describes that “Works of literary fiction tend to place greater emphasis on character development” 

Some say that attaching oneself to a character in a book or what many people call “comfort characters”, fictional characters in a book who give the reader a sense of familiarity, helps make the reader more relaxed and excited to finish the book once again.

Sub: Reasons why readers reread novels.

  1. Readers are able to discover and realize elements of the novel when rereading a book that they were not able to before. These things might include hidden scenes, foreshadowing, and meeting characters before they become important characters in the future.
  1. One purpose of rereading a book is to help readers gain a deeper understanding of its meaning. There is a possibility that you may not comprehend the central message of the novel if you have only read it once. Once you have reread the novel, it will be easier to spot what the author is trying to tell you. Like if the main character always puts their family in front of everything else, that can be an innuendo that the message of the book is to always put your family first. “ I like to revisit books I’ve already read to understand the meaning more,” said Natalie Paden, a junior.
  1. Readers could be visiting a book series again if another novel is coming out that year. It is easy to forget a plot of a story if you have read more books in the past months after that one. Some may even say that you can forget the story entirely and only remember the climax and ending. “Around 2019 I picked up the book “A Good Girls Guide to murder” I have read the book 3 times now due to more books coming out in the series, I kept forgetting the main plot points,” said Andreas Leaman, a sophomore.
  1. If a reader is in a reading slump, visiting a book that you loved before can help bring back your inspiration. “Last year I didn’t read for months, I just couldn’t find any motivation. Until a TikTok about this series I’ve read before called  “Throne Of Glass” came up on my For you page. I decided to open the book back up and after I finished I read 2 more series after that,” said Erica Ostling, a junior. 
  1. Readers could just want something more calming, when reading a new book thousands of thoughts can go through your mind at once, but with a series someone already knows, they already know when the events are gonna happen “When I reread a book I like to know what’s gonna happen, like when my character is getting into a big fight, the anxiety is still there but I know they will get through,” said Allison Bice, a senior. 

Some may say that knowing the story already can be boring as there is no factor of surprise. But some readers say that there are still factors of surprise due to you forgetting plot points that have happened in the past.

As I have mentioned, there is nothing like opening a brand new book and being able to immerse yourself in the world of the novel. Experiencing new characters, plot points, events, can all be very exciting. 

There will always be a book that affects someone the most, that will stay on someone’s forever, that book could be the only thing comforting someone. Novels can save people, in many ways. There is nothing wrong with going back to a book over and over again.


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