That 90s Show review


That 90s Show is a spin-off of the world-renowned show That 70s Show. It features the daughter of Eric and Donna Forman, Leia Forman, as well as Jay Kelso, who is the son of Jackie and Micheal Kelso.

The show revolves around the summer Leia Forman is spending at her grandparent’s house in Wisconsin, the same one seen in That 70s Show. Shortly after arriving, she meets Gwen. Leia and Gwen become best friends very fast.  Gwen introduced Leia to the group whom she spends the summer with. They spend most of their time in the basement of the Foreman house, just as the group in That 70s Show did

While That 90s Show is decent, it feels quite childish to me. The characters seem as if they are on to be on Disney Channel, even though Netflix states that its audience rating is TV-14. I couldn’t help but cringe anytime Leia Forman came onto the screen. It felt almost like they were trying to copy That 70s Show exactly. In the first episode of the show, they are trying to find a tap for drinks. This was the exact same premise of the pilot episode of That 70s Show. They even ended up in the same location.

The romances that developed were awkward. While watching, I couldn’t feel any chemistry between the couples. It honestly hurt to watch.

The whole show was just a repetition of the episodes seen on That 70s Show. It was like a paper jam while trying to copy a photo — I would not watch it again.


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