Should there be a Separate Entrance to School for Students?


Morning traffic is one of the worst parts of the school day for students and parents. This has caused an outrage in the LRHS community, raising the question whether or not the school should add an extra entrance by the student parking lot.

These concerns are quite valid: students spend four years in high school, and in this time, many waste at least thirty minutes daily just on their way into the building.

Chloe Lassiter, junior, wishes there was another way into the student parking lot other than the one they currently have. “I come to school early in order to beat the traffic in the morning,” said Lassiter. 

Lassiter has to wake up earlier than she should just to get here on time. Her complaints stem from the fact that she has to lose sleep just to prioritize getting to school early and avoiding traffic. 

“If there was another way in, I think it would help separate the student parking lot from the carpoolers and help funnel some traffic out of the road.”

Jorge Faddoul, parent, has to drive his children to school every morning. In that timeframe, he has to stop at three different schools, and he mentions that out of those three, LRHS is the one that takes the longest time to get through. 

“I spend at least twenty minutes just waiting for the line to move. It is unbelievably crazy that there is only one way into the building. The school should open an entrance for student- drivers by the parking lot; it’s the only way to stop the mess that is traffic in the mornings, “ said Faddoul.

Faddoul elaborates on the fact that the more time he wastes in the line, the later he is to work. 

“If Wake County and LRHS created an alternate way for students to enter the school, parents could get to their jobs on time.”

Like him, many other parents and students wish there was a better way to get into the student parking lot in the mornings. If a right turn lane off Leesville Road leading to the student parking lot, traffic would be lessened. This could avoid the trouble of waking up early and getting to class late.


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