Students’ Second First Day of the School Year

As the first semester comes to a close, students prepare for their second first day of the school year. Meeting with new teachers, classmates, and subjects, students prep for change. (Photo courtesy of Sanaa Blila)

First-day jitters hit Leesville Road High School students on January 30, the first day of the second semester. 

“I love having new people in my classes,” said Jaidee Hernandez, a sophomore. “The start of a new semester is always very fun for me.”

With the switching of classes and entering a room in which you don’t know anyone, the first day of the second semester could be just as stressful as the first semester. “I got a little nervous, but after attending my first period I was fine,” said Ixsieliz Mejia, a junior, 

For seniors, this will be the last ‘high school first-day’ experience they will have. “I’ll definitely miss some aspects, but I’m mentally ready to go,” Nia Quigley, senior. “I’m really happy it’s almost over and I can move on to better things.”

Yet, with many events to look forward to like prom, powderpuff, and summer break, the second semester is just as exciting as the first.


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