High School Sweethearts Curse


The High School Sweetheart superlative, an endearing title, has become a controversial topic because many High School Sweethearts have unfortunately broken up after being crowned. Many people believe that there is a “curse” that sabotages their relationship. 

Every year, students eagerly vote for a male and female peer that best fits a certain superlative. It is a fun way to remember our classmates as we enter a new chapter of life. 

There have been rumors around campus that the administration is considering banning the superlative because of its connotation. 

Ashley Tabron, a teacher who has been at Leesville for 8 years, approves of continuing this tradition. “It captures a moment in time, and it is often their first love. I think it is important to commemorate that moment in your life,” said Tabron via email. 

“I believe it is more that students grow apart than a curse. It is really hard to keep high school bonds unless both parties are intentional about keeping in touch. There’s so much change at the next stage of your life, and adding a relationship is probably even more pressure” said Tabron.  

Interestingly enough, Tabron has a friend who married her middle school boyfriend and reported that they are still very happy today. 

Even if High School Sweethearts don’t always last, as shown through the past 3 couples separating at Leesville, they teach you a lot of lessons you can’t teach yourself. It can help one figure out who they are, what they want and how to even be in a relationship to begin with.  

The “High School Sweethearts” superlative plans to stay a part of the newspaper this year.


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