Why Whole Foods is the Best Grocery Store

Many people hate grocery trips, but finding a store that is your favorite helps alleviate the bore that comes with shopping.

With several grocery stores available in the area, one naturally tops the others. Leesville students accredit Whole Foods as the best grocery store due to their quality products. 

Whole Foods has set high standards for its products and stands by them. Whole Foods prides itself on what they do not sell, banning over 200+ ingredients from its food. 

It does not stop at food, its cleaners and beauty products follow the same standards. The store has prohibited over 100+ ingredients from its merchandise.

Shoppers recognize Whole Foods for its produce. Whole Foods surpasses the other grocery stores with its produce and organic goods. 

“They source fresh and local vegetables,” said Jules White, Senior. 

On top of the produce being fresh, it is also clean. 

White works at another grocery store in the area. Comparing the produce at her workplace to Whole foods, Whole Food’s produce is more appealing.

“Many grocery stores leave dirt on their produce, but Whole Foods actually cleans theirs,” she said. 

Matching the produce, Whole Foods store is well-kept. 

Quinlan Kelleher, Junior, appreciates the cleanliness, “It’s the best grocery store because it has class and it smells good.”

On top of the clean environment, Whole Foods offers quality products. 

“My favorite product to buy there is their coffee grounds,” said Kelleher.

White enjoys their gluten-free options.

“Their gluten-free bakery items are the best,” she said. 

While Whole Foods has a lot of pros, there is a con. It is expensive. 

“They make their products expensive because they are good quality. Can an average person not enjoy quality organic foods?” Kelleher said.

White agrees — “it is unaffordable for the families that want quality, fresh, and organic produce.”

Both explained that as much as they love the store, they do not get a chance to shop there often. The prices make it inconvenient. The price atones for the quality, but quality products should be more available. 

Despite the cons, Leesville students agree Whole Foods is the best grocery store in the area.


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