Best Energy Drinks


Researchers estimate that different companies manufacture hundreds of different energy drinks each year. “There are 116 Energy Drink Production businesses in the US as of 2023”, but only a few are able to remain popular. 


There are now 5 main energy drinks in the world: Celsius, Bang, Monster, Redbull, and Rockstar. There has been an increase in their popularity in the last year compared to the previous.


There are distinct differences between these drinks, and I have ranked the energy drinks based on my opinion and that of my peers, from best to worst.


  1. Redbull


In 1987, Red Bull began producing its energy drinks and has been the world’s leading energy drink ever since, and it remains to be one of the most popular brands in the world today. In every store, you will find Redbulls.


As a result of its several flavor editions, it has won the hearts of many fans. There are various new versions of Red Bull put into the market every year, as well as seasonally, with its newest one being the “winter edition.” 

“I have tried several energy drinks, and I still believe that Red Bull has the best taste of them all, not only that but Red Bull also gives you wings!” said Marco Puma, junior. 


Also, Red Bull is one of the better drinks for health because a normal 12-ounce can of Red Bull contains only 102 grams of caffeine, which is much less than other brands, which contain 200 grams of caffeine in their cans.


I believe that if someone were to look around the school, they would see at least three people in every hallway drinking a Celsius. 

In addition to positioning its brand as a healthier alternative for energy, Celsius has an audience that consists of the younger population, as well as athletes. Celsius includes elements and vitamins that help increase metabolism. It also labels itself as having natural energy-raising elements instead of just caffeine.

“The reason that I like Celsius is that it’s healthier for me. Even though I know that no energy drink is amazing for you, I always like the feeling of knowing that it’s at least a little healthier than the one I’m currently drinking,” said Tasneem Mehdi, a junior.


During the years of Covid, Bang rose to popularity. With zero calories, zero sugars, zero carbs, and a huge amount of caffeine, it became very sought after. Soon it was the only energy drink that anyone bought, with several different flavors including, sour heads, black cherry vanilla, peach mango, and 36 others. 

Bang mentions that they have added vitamins and other supplements to increase body movement and muscle strength.

Although Bang now has been stopping its production, they still sell its drinks online and in certain stores, still selling multiple drinks, its popularity still remains strong.


Monster has been popular for years since it first came out in 2002, being one of the most-sold energy drinks in the world. Nonetheless, as the more energy drinks emerge, the less popular monster seems to be.

With 34 different flavors, including sugar-free and carb free, with vitamins added in, the drink has become popular among more college students than athletes and teens. With 160 mg of caffeine in one fluid oz, Monster brings energy fast. 

“Monster was the first energy drink that I had, it was my favorite, I still drink it from time to time but I started to like others more,” said Makayla Holloway, a junior.

5.Rockstar Energy

In 2001, Rockstar Energy opened up to the public. It gained popularity in 2020 when it signed a contract with Pepsi. While it is not known by many people, those who have had it have said amazing things about the drink. 

The drink has 160 Mg of Caffeine and no sugar, and due to its calorie content, it is good for those who live a more active lifestyle. 

The company has 25 different flavors that are all fruit specialized. It has become a big competitor with Monster and Redbull.

In spite of the fact that energy drinks are not suitable for everyone, it is important to know what your favorite energy drinks are and why they are so popular.  These are the energy drinks that students have said are their top 5.



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