Are watches outdated?

Wrist watches used to be very important accessories. People don't use wrist watches as much anymore due to phones and smartwatches, but they aren't completely obsolete. (photo courtesy of public domain)

Wrist watches used to be very important accessories. People don’t use wrist watches as much anymore due to phones and smartwatches, but they aren’t completely obsolete. (photo courtesy of public domain)  

For over 200 years, watches have been a way to tell time and stories. Now that we are in 2023, most everyone uses their phone to tell the time, but watches still remain important for many people.

So, are watches really outdated?

The first watch was made in 1810 by the company Breguet for the queen of Naples. 

Generally, women used to wear wristwatches because they were not out working in places like mines and construction sites. Men would use pocket watches, so they would not be damaged while working. 

Nowadays, 45% of people wear watches. The majority of them are smart watches. However, a small group of people still wear mechanical watches. 

When a group of 20 random students were asked if wristwatches were outdated, all of them answered “no” except one that said “yes.” 

Watches aren’t outdated for many reasons such as memories behind them and fashion. 

One of the students that answered no had a wristwatch that was a gift. “My dad gave me this watch on my birthday. My dad acquired the watch from his dad who got it while he was in Switzerland,” said Cody Bullard, a freshman.

One of Leesvilles coaches has a watch with a special memory behind it. 

“I wear an analog watch. It was given to me by my wife in 1993. It is kind of an heirloom for the family… I wear it every day. She actually gave it to me on our anniversary… We’ve been married 47 years now,” said Coach Hess.

Even as a teen, I wear a watch I bought in Times Square. My brother and dad have the same watches and it holds a special memory that all three of us share. 

Another big reason why watches are not outdated is for fashion purposes. Many celebrities, actors, and rappers buy watches and wear them to compliment their outfits. 

Mark Wahlberg has been seen wearing a Rolex GMT master valued at $55,000. 

Legendary fashion designer Ralph Lauren said when talking about women’s watches “For me, accessories create and define a women’s personal style. The bag she carries, the watch on her wrist, her jewelry, her sunglasses, her shoes all define a look that is her signature.” 

They are also extremely helpful tools. Some watches have complications ranging from a simple date function to a perpetual calendar that can tell you the correct date during a leap year to the moon phases. 

Many different functions can help people in their daily lives, for example pilots can use a watch that has different time zones to tell the time in different places. 

Watches may be less popular now, but they are not obsolete, as they help people manage time and improve fashion. 



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