Recess in High School

Recess is usually for younger children and does not exist in high school. Leesville students think that recess would be a good idea. (Photo in the public domain)

Recess is a thing of the past. Most schools stopped recess after elementary school, leaving students no outlet for their energy. High school students, while older than elementary schoolers, would still benefit from recess, according to Leesville students. 

An idea of what recess would look like for high schoolers is a short period of time outside. During this time, preferably after lunch, students would have the option to get active. They could walk or run the track. With so many students, there would have to be at least two separate groups for recess. 

Another option would be an indoor recess situation. During the third period, a 15-minute “brain break” would be offered. Students can socialize, play games, or complete their homework. This option would be easier to set up, eliminating the need to manage several hundred students in one area. 

Megan Lamm, senior, believes recess would be beneficial. She loves the idea of having a playground. 

“It would give an opportunity to get extra energy or restlessness out. This could help with focus,” Lamm said. 

While Lamm wants recess, she does acknowledge that it could bring up some conflicts.

“It would be an ample time for fights. Especially if there is a playground — students would be fighting over taking turns,” she said. 

Jonah Kessler, senior, agrees recess would be beneficial, as well. 

“It would provide a mental break which would be very beneficial and encourage productivity,” said Kessler. 

Kessler also mentioned wanting a playground; however, it would be unrealistic. 

“Recess could be on the track. Students could either walk or run. It offers more space, and it would also prompt activeness.”

He does acknowledge that the downside of recess would be the time. It would eat up class time or lunchtime. There is also the issue of how long recess should be.

Kessler said that recess should be 34 minutes long (the same time as lunch), and Lamm said it should be 45 minutes. Both agreed that recess would be best before lunch. 

Although there are a lot of logistics to work out about having a recess, Leesville students agree that recess would be of benefit.


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