Reaccreditation for LRHS

LRHS, along with all Wake county schools, must be reaccredited every few years. This year Leesville is doing it virtually. (Photo courtesy of Kellyn Krause.)

Peter Yelverton, the digital design and animation as well as the videography teacher at Leesville, and a few of the members of the LRHS videography club are composing a reaccreditation video. 

“Every few years, the school is basically being graded, and that’s the accreditation process. So this year we are putting together a video because the accreditation team that does the grading is not able to be physically on campus,” said Yelverton.

The video is trying to capture the atmosphere of Leesville. “We want the video to show the school, and all the different classes, and just the vibe and so forth of the school and to present it to the team that is going to be grading us,” said Yelverton. 

So far, the video team has filmed a few classes at Leesville including construction with Mr. Miura, English with Ms. Tabron, science with Ms. Self, foreign language with Ms. Jones, and apparel with Ms. Winick. 

The team goes into each class with the intention of capturing how the class flows, how the teachers teach, and how the students interact with the teacher, with each other, and with the instruction in the classroom. 

Mr. Yelverton and his videography students are editing the video. When finished, the vidoe will go to the school administration to be submitted to the accreditation team in January.


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