Gaming Systems


Gaming systems have existed since 1972, and each company branches out to create the next advancement. In today’s world, the most popular gaming systems include:

  • Xbox (Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox 360, etc.)
  • PlayStation (PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, etc.)
  • PC (Personal Computer)
  • Nintendo Switch

Each gaming system has its own unique features that separate them from other new generation consoles. And because of their qualities, video game fans often buy the console that catches their attention or interest the most.


The Xbox first came out in 2001 and was immediately a hit in the market. Since the first release, more modern Xbox consoles have been created to enhance better performance and quality.

The newest Xbox released right now as of December of 2022, is the Xbox Series X. There are almost 3000 games available to play. And more than 300 of them are available via gamepass ultimate for $15 a month.

A unique feature about the Xboxes is its own controller with a different grip and button placement. Also, their GUI/interface is more convenient for some users. And the console box has several of the mechanics of a PC, but in a console instead.

Aida Savo, freshman, said, “My favorite feature(s) of the Xbox is the controller because of how it fits my hands. I also like how easy it is to set up, and the limited wires/cables needed.”


The Playstation was originally released in 1994 and was a hit. Like the Xbox, the Playstation has several consoles that proceeded to become more advanced.

The newest PlayStation is the PS5, which is a huge seller and still is hard to find in stock since its release. However, despite the graphics and quality performance being similar to Xbox, the difference is the games and GUI/interface.

PlayStation has over 4000 games to offer and some of their games are Playsation exclusive, meaning you can’t play them with any other console.

And their controller is much different from the Xbox with a more symmetrical shape and a touchpad on the top.

Michael Perry-Samarra, freshman, said, “I like the shape of the controller and the touchpad because it’s more comfortable and easier to use.”

“And the Playstation exclusive games are the best because they are desirable games,” said Perry-Samarra.


The first gaming computer was invented in 1950. Since then, computer parts have upgraded and in today’s world, computers have become heavily relied on and have the power to make graphics seem realistic.

Every computer is different depending on the quality of the parts used. In general, computers often have a greater performance and quality than any other console.

The parts of a PC include: A keyboard, a mouse, a monitor, and the computer. All of which are customizable and have a different range of qualities.

All games are on PC via steam, the game store, or website downloads. Being able to play any game you want is one of the main reasons why games may choose PC over a console.

Skyler Richards, sophomore, said, “PC is cool because the graphics are amazing and I love all the games I can play. And it’s nice being able to customize my PC to make it aesthetic.”

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch came out in 2017 and quickly became the most popular Nintendo console. As of now, the Switch only comes in its original state or the OLED version. The OLED switch is the same as the original switch but with better graphics and resolution.

People love the switch because of how portable it is, and how you can change it from a handheld item to work like a console.

The Nintendo Switch contains four parts: handheld screen, joycon sticks, station, and controller.

Also, the Nintendo Switch contains Nintendo exclusive games, which are highly desired by the gaming community.

Savo said, “I love how the switch is portable and can connect to the TV and play just like a console.”

Each gaming system has their own special features and is enjoyed by the gaming community. As we advance in technology, the performance of gaming will only get better.


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